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crashbandicootsnowgo| U.S. gold market: The Federal Reserve continues to falsify and gold fluctuates

Today Monday (May 27)crashbandicootsnowgo, the main opening price of US gold is 2,338crashbandicootsnowgo.000 US $/ounce, yesterday's closing price was 2,335crashbandicootsnowgo.2000 US dollars/ounce. Spot gold opened at 2,334.27 yuan/ounce in the day, and closed at 2,333.65 US dollars/ounce yesterday. As of 14:48 Beijing time, the main price of US gold was 2,344.1001 US dollars/ounce, an increase of 0.38%; spot gold was quoted at 2,342.88 US dollars/ounce, an increase of 0.39%.

crashbandicootsnowgo| U.S. gold market: The Federal Reserve continues to falsify and gold fluctuates

Shanghai gold's main force opened at 554.30 yuan/gram on Monday (May 27), and closed at 554.48 yuan/gram yesterday; gold TD opened at 551.17 yuan/gram during the day, and closed at 551.17 yuan/gram yesterday.

On Friday, Federal Reserve Governor Waller said that over time, neutral interest ratescrashbandicootsnowgoThe decline is likely to be caused by significant changes in global demand for safe assets.

But he warned that unsustainable fiscal spending could change this trend and neutral interest rates could continue to rise.

"The United States is on an unsustainable fiscal path.

If the supply of U.S. bonds starts to grow faster than demand, it will mean lower U.S. bond prices and higher yields, which will put upward pressure on neutral interest rates."

It is worth noting that Fed officials have made long-term neutral interest rates (called r-star by economists) the core issue of policy discussions this year.

Neutral interest rates are a theoretical concept that describes a policy setting that neither stimulates economic growth nor slows demand.

In addition, in the early morning of last Thursday, the latest minutes of the Federal Reserve's meeting showed that the discussion atmosphere at the May FOMC meeting was much more "hawkish" than Powell's statement at the press conference.

Several officials mentioned that they are willing to further tighten policies if necessary, and officials unanimously hope to keep interest rates at a high level.

A number of Fed officials also cooperated with the minutes of the meeting. Cleveland Fed Chairman Meister said that he was considering abandoning his previous expectation of cutting interest rates three times this year.

Federal Reserve Governor Waller said that the latest CPI data shows recovery in inflation, but interest rate cuts at the end of the year will require inflation to continue to slow in the next three to five months, and further interest rates "may not be necessary."

Atlanta Fed Chairman Bostick said that monetary policy is not as effective as in previous cycles in slowing economic growth, so it is more necessary to maintain higher interest rates for a long time to curb inflation.

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