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latestpokervideos|China refutes alleged reluctance to consult with EU on EV tariffs

BEIJINGlatestpokervideos, July 8 (Xinhua) -- China's commerce ministry said Monday that the remarks by a European Union (EU) officiallatestpokervideos, suggesting that China had not sought consultations on electric vehicle (EV) tariffs until recently despite the EU's attempts to engage for months, were "seriously inconsistent with the facts."

latestpokervideos|China refutes alleged reluctance to consult with EU on EV tariffs

China has been expressing strong opposition on bilateral and multilateral occasions since the EU launched its anti-subsidy probe into Chinese EVs in October 2023, said a spokesperson with the ministry in response to a media inquiry quoting Jorge Toledo Albinana, EU ambassador to China.

The spokesperson cited bilateral exchanges on the matter through face-to-face meetings and letters between top leaders and at ministerial levels over the past months.

"China has demonstrated its utmost sincerity," said the spokesperson, adding that China hopes that the European side will make joint efforts, demonstrate its sincerity, push forward the consultation process and reach a mutually acceptable solution as soon as possible.

China firmly believes that trade protectionist measures are detrimental to the development of global green industries and cooperation in the automotive industry, and all countries should work together to promote the green transformation of the economy, said the spokesperson.

China resolutely opposes any unilateralist and protectionist practices that politicize or weaponize trade issues, the spokesperson said, noting that in response to any actions that abuse the rules and suppress China, the country will take all necessary measures to safeguard its own interests.

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